Yamato Brothers

Triumph's Voyage

Gunfight description

Search for the captain.
Discover colony supplies and luggage.
Anders, Nat and Carl talk to the captain to find the package is a map.
Triumph’s Voyage has been charted (perhaps) to transport many families to New Constantinople. Anders takes some supplies to cover the damage caused to his ship and washes his hands of the fate of the expedition.
With the package in hand and Baylen’s usefulness drawing to an end, he’s knocked unconscious. Thinking of leaving Baylen on the Voyage to become a colonist, Anders reconsiders just in case Baylen can tell them more about this map. It seems like a very complicated device and none of his crew are experienced with electronics. Also, the less people that know about this the better so asking around could do more harm than good.

The crew are quickly drawn back to their ship as Gatsby alerts them of two incoming ships.


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