Yamato Brothers

Meeting Pipe

The crew of the Yamato has arranged to meet a criminal called Pipe on Jasper’s Point, one of the moons of Boros. Pipe wants them to acquire an undisclosed package from the captain of Triumph’s Voyage, a transport ship running on a skeleton crew.
A computer hacker associate of Pipe’s, Baylen, will accompany them to help disable their ship and locate the package.
While the two Anders discuss the bargain, the rest of the crew meet some “friendly” locals in the bar.

Catching up to the Triumph’s Voyage is simple, but surprises mount as not only is the transport ship very vocal in protecting it’s personal space, it is also armed and opens fire on the Yamato. Multiple attempts to negotiate, bluff and bargain with the Voyage fail, but with deft flying and miraculous field repairs enough time is given to hack the computer systems, shut down the transport and dock.

Hoping to catch the light crew offguard, Cam urges Pete and Nat to open the airlock but they are greeted by several armed guards and one stun grenade at their feet.


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